Tying and Shipping Time


When I started tying flies for people, it was only a couple hundred occasionally, and wasn't a huge deal to make them all and ship them all quickly. Now, as bulletproofbugs become more and more popular, I've had many people tell me that I need to outsource my flies, or hire on another person to tie with me. I refuse to outsource. The reason these flies are quality is because I produce them myself, and never sell anything I wouldn't personally fish. Although there are many good tyers out there, the flies wouldn't be the same if they weren't all coming from me. These flies are so good because of the attention to detail I give them, and because I can oversee the durability and consistency between each fly. Because I tie, photograph, ship, order materials, etc, for the entire company, there is typically a wait time with all boxes and flies, unless I have specified that a certain assortment or pattern is "ready to ship" etc. This is simply inevitable with on demand tying, especially when there is quality and durability involved. The wait time is usually no longer than a month, and very often much shorter. Thank you so much for your patience, and I can promise that the quality of the product is very much worth the wait.