The Truth About the Fly Tying Industry

I wish it wasn't as true as it is, but the sad truth is that 95% of the flies that you can buy are not tied by fly fisherman, and are not tied in the USA. It's not the workers fault, but the fault of the big box stores, and even local fly shops, that take advantage of the labor of underdeveloped countries. The reason this continues is because people keep buying these flies. The way to help these workers become paid better, and to help spur growth from the relatively few American based fly tyers left, is to support home grown, USA tied flies. Even your local fly shop is probably not selling USA tied flies, and that should change! So many talented individuals want to provide quality flies for your fishing, they just don't have the platform or exposure to get them to you. It might take longer to tie the flies and get them to you, but good things take time, and always have. So make the change, and start supporting the fly industry within the US! Us small business tyers thank you, and you help us to do what we love. You make it all happen!