About the Flies

These son of a guns wake up and eat cement and Tyvek for breakfast.

These flies are the perfect companions for your fishing adventures. They're tied to be extra fishy and extra tough.

Don't just take my word for it - my customers (who I consider friends) can vouch for the effectiveness of my Bullet Proof Bugs. Thanks to the durability and "fishability" of my flies, fishy guys and gals all over have netted some real tanks. With a wide range of patterns and colors, you'll always have the right fly for every fishing situation.

So why settle for ordinary flies when you can have Bullet Proof Bugs?

(Disclaimer: While Bullet Proof Bugs are designed to be tough, I cannot guarantee that they will survive encounters with sharks, alligators, hurricanes, tornados (*higher than class 3*), impact from calibers above .45, lithium ray guns, nuclear blast, Thor's hammer, The Incredible Hulk, your mother-in-law's blender from the 70s, an annoyed fast food drive through worker, etc. Please fish responsibly and avoid dangerous situations.)