Semperfli Micro Glint; A Versatile Product

Semperfli Micro Glint; A Versatile Product

I love fly tying. No new information in that statment. But as a biproduct of enjoying fly tying, I also love fly tying materials, and am constantly searching for materials that fulfill my needs and tie nice bugs. 



So what are those needs? 

My materials need to;

1. Look good

2. Posess durable qualities

3. Be easy to use in a time efficient manner

Because I tie commercially, I look for these things so that I can crank out a high quality product efficiently and consistently. Semerperfli Microglint has definitely become a favorite material of mine for those reasons. It's durable, attractive, and usable in many different applications. In this brief article, I'll offer a few suggestions for ways that Microglint can be used, and how I have used it myself to produce high quility flies and specific patterns that I sell.

1. Tailing shucks / hot tags 

Microglint makes a great tag on many euro flies. I specifically like it on some of my blowtorch variants because it incorporates a sheen synthetic and vibrant material with small strands of pearlescent or translucent mylar. This means I can tie in one material, and essentially be tying in krystal flash and a synthetic tag at the same time, giving a more complex and attractive look, but without the extra steps.


2. Ribbing

This one is self explanatory. You tie in the Microglint, and you wrap it as a ribbing for your abdomens. It adds some subtle flash and variations on a classic wire or floss rib. 


3. Full body (spooled in bobbin)

This is probably my favorite use of Microglint. Spooling it into a bobbin and tying with it exaclty like thread. This is one of my favorite ways of tying perdigons because it lets me do a quick and attractive abdomen / thorax without having to tie in additional materials outside of the tail. When coated in a high quality Cyanoacrylate Glue (super glue), it creates a durable and great looking fly.

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